Dorktown Podcast episode 77 - The Fay Wrays show

Much like Fresno's Fay Wrays' album release show, this podcast has been building for some time. Finally it's here for us to enjoy (audio issues and all), as Ben and Eli (from the Fay Wrays) join Bells, Mikey and Producer Becky for some dorkness.

Some things you'll be listening to: The Fays Wrays new album, uncomfortable Dorktown pauses, more drinking is needed, recording in Fresno, Fresno's like Europe, Reedly talk, what happened to The Nancies?, loudest Fresno band, Fresno's live music club status, Ben plays some live music, where the Fays Wrays get their ideas, more live Ben, Fonzy Ehhhs.

Listen by clicking this: dorktown77faywrays.mp3

Thursday night's show:


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