Dorktown #79 - A Dorktown Christmas

Xmas laneWelcome to another episode of our own crass little podcast, Dorktown. As always, your ears will be offended by the cussing and the lameness.

Download: aDorktownChristmas.mp3 [35.95mb] [39:18] [Episode #79]

Some of what you'll be listening too:

  • Christmas Tree lane better than Candy Cane Lane.
  • Bullard Knight football kicks all ass.
  • A Fresnan secret is revealed.
  • A Christmas movie themed OR GAME.
  • Dorktown interviews Luke from Brother Luke & The Comrades and Circles & Circles.
  • Live clip of Brother Luke playing at Starline.
  • Bells and Mikey play Modern Warfare 2 [PSN names: Bells316 and fresnan].
  • HIGH HORSE: Don't put nuts in Mikey's junk.
  • A "live" report from Christmas Tree Lane.
  • Dorktown is on Facebook now, become a fan and junk.

Technical issues (because Mikey is bound to jack up something):

  • Mikey's mic is too loud throughout the episode.
  • Audio suddenly becomes louder a few minutes in.
  • Bad feedback coming back from remotes.
Click to download or listen: aDorktownChristmas.mp3

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