Dorktown Episode 88 - Keg Solo


Our latest episode of Dorktown is a little different and a little drunk. Alright, the drunk part isn't different and it's VERY drunk. The different part is it was recorded during Mikey's birthday/house party with the mighty Trumpet Solo as a live music guest.

What to expect.

  • Mikey talks with Trumpet Solo (Ried May, Pierce May, Nick Napoletano) and gets pumped up for their performance.
  • Trumpet Solo performs their song "Hard Working Economy" with Mikey guesting on rhythm guitar.
  • Bells, Mikey, Josh T, Reid talk some random drunk talk with keg-stands.
  • Trumpet Solo live song break.
  • A finishing keg-stand from the La Selva Beach Connection.

Beware, like always, there is a lot of loud and foul language so... earmuffs.

Download: kegsolodorktown88.mp3

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Dorktown - Episdoe 87 - Portand Sucks


Historic-Portland-sign-Portland-Oregon_mr Our podcast has finally returned from a long podcast sabbatical (drying out period). It's going to be another classic Dorktown with audio difficulties, no production, beer drinking and Fresno talk.

Like always, this in NOT Safe For Work or monkeys. Pre-listening sorrys for Producer Becky's mic not working throughout, and no production value (no songs, sound effects, opening or closing music) due to a bad computer.

Download this file: dorktownepisode87.mp3 to listen. Or use the player:

Dorktown Podcast #87

Expect to hear some stuff about: Bells in Portland, the Clovis Urban Stupid Exp, Voting In Fresno and prop 19, what a Marinite thinks of Fresno, Fresnans in San Fran and more junk.

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[*Photo cred: David Falconer]


Pliny The Elder - Dorktown Podcast EP85

It's been time for Dorktown to do a show from the road for a while now. So why not do one during a friend of the show's birthday party, a one Aaron "The La Selva Beach Connection"? There is no music in this episode (sorry) because it's from the road, but you'll hear such things as:
  • Bad Casa De Fruta humor.
  • Pliny The Elder is the real King Of Beers.
  • Run-ins with the Highway Patrol.
  • Hard rock works at Woodward Park.
  • Aaron's party begins and the Plinys are opened.
  • Drunk party jibberish.
  • A very hungover ride home to Fresno.
To listen, download the file: dorktownEpisode85.mp3

*There are a couple rare edits during this episode, but trust us, they had to be done [drunk jibber jabber]. Email the show: mike@dorktown.net or bells@dorktown.net

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Dorktown Podcast - Episode 84

Dorktown At Dorktown, we try to make the podcast as difficult to listen to as possible so we're left with the "true fan". Either that or we're just a bunch of idiots with beer and some occasionally working microphones.

In this episode, one douchebag's mic is louder than the other (the WHOLE episode) and the opening music overpowers the douchey talk. If you can handle that (and occasional nasty dialog), have a listen to the latest Dorktown:

Download: dorktown84.mp3 [39:32]

Or use the player:

If you listen you can expect: Fresno radio talk, too many Fresno burger options, Bell's old Suzuki Samurai story, Journey talk?, Bells knows no FuSE Fest artists, Central Fresno fighting, Fonzy aayyys.

Music featured: Trumpet Solo. Say Swear.

Show contacts: mike@dorktown.net, bells@dorktown.net

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Dorktown Podcast Episode #83 - Five Years of Dork

Podcastlogo If you haven't really listened to the Dorktown Podcast before (you've had five years to not get around to it, why start now?) the following episode is not for you. It will likely suck because it quietly marks five years of Dorktown and it's kinda self indulgent. No party like in previous years. It's just a couple of douchebags dudes talking, pretty much.

There is a new game played, music from Trumpet Solo and the Fay Wrays, the first Dorktown guest ever (Aaron from La Selva Beach), two special guests drop by the studio, Deftones at Woodward and (of course) audio problems. Other than that, don't worry about it - catch Dorktown the next time around.

But if you're hardcore dork, listen/download: DorkownEP83.mp3

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Dorktown Podcast Episode 82: Badgers? Badgers? We don't need no stinking badgers!

Finally. A new Dorktown Podcast to ignore. Stuff you'll not want to listen for:

  • Another muffed opening.
  • Bells schools an idiot on the UFC and the Fresno connections.
  • NEW GAME!: How Many F-Bombs?
  • Local music break with Blake Jones and the Trike Shop.
  • Will there be a anniversary party for five years of Dorktown?
  • Dorktown wedges its way into Fresno radio.
  • Wildlife In The City: the full badger story from the man hero that lived it.
  • A Fresno tri-tip influenced Fonzy Eyyhhss.
For those that don't know, there is a lot of a cussing and it starts off early. So remember that when you don't listen to the player below or download: dorktownEP82.mp3

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Dorktown Podcast #81: Phoenix, Lucas, Pinkeye and Fresno

Star-wars-in-concert-1 After too long of a break *lame* our own Dorktown Podcast returns with all the lameness and fowl language you know and tolerate. This episode was uploaded with no help from Google or its fiber magic.

Download: dorktownepisode81.mp3

Expect to hear some stuff like this:

  • Mikey messing up right off the bat with bad audio and screwing up the new opening music by Trumpet Solo (you can barely hear it, dumbass).
  • New Fresno places the crew has visited.
  • A celebration for Dorktown's 5th anniversary? Yes or no and if yes, then where.
  • Trent in Phoenix talks Star Wars and Indy rumors plus let's us in on how Fresno is playing in Arizona.
  • Classic Dorktown music with Pinkeye.
  • Lost is limping to the finish.
  • Fonzy ehhyyys.
Click this or listen with the player:

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Dorktown Podcast Episode 80 - 31 Days Of Kimburrrly

Dorktown went on a large binge errr, mild hiatus but has returned with its own brand of dorky-f-bomb Fresno-y podcasting. As you may know, it's NSFW or yellow labs.

Listen or download: dorktown80.mp3
  • Fantributor Kim Burrrly is in the studio to talk about her 31 Days Of Fresno.
  • Could Clovis have '31 Days'?
  • Bars located around Dorktown Studios.
  • The first blogger on KMJ.
  • Disneyland tangent.
  • Fresno band, Moses, makes their Dorktown debut.
  • Coach Fu Manchu.
  • Kimburrrly hate mail.
  • Bells and Kimburrrly battle over Imagination Movers.
  • No Town's roller derby season is coming!
  • Fonzy Eyyys.
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Listen with the player: