Dorktown Podcast Episode 80 - 31 Days Of Kimburrrly

Dorktown went on a large binge errr, mild hiatus but has returned with its own brand of dorky-f-bomb Fresno-y podcasting. As you may know, it's NSFW or yellow labs.

Listen or download: dorktown80.mp3
  • Fantributor Kim Burrrly is in the studio to talk about her 31 Days Of Fresno.
  • Could Clovis have '31 Days'?
  • Bars located around Dorktown Studios.
  • The first blogger on KMJ.
  • Disneyland tangent.
  • Fresno band, Moses, makes their Dorktown debut.
  • Coach Fu Manchu.
  • Kimburrrly hate mail.
  • Bells and Kimburrrly battle over Imagination Movers.
  • No Town's roller derby season is coming!
  • Fonzy Eyyys.
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