Dorktown Podcast #81: Phoenix, Lucas, Pinkeye and Fresno

Star-wars-in-concert-1 After too long of a break *lame* our own Dorktown Podcast returns with all the lameness and fowl language you know and tolerate. This episode was uploaded with no help from Google or its fiber magic.

Download: dorktownepisode81.mp3

Expect to hear some stuff like this:

  • Mikey messing up right off the bat with bad audio and screwing up the new opening music by Trumpet Solo (you can barely hear it, dumbass).
  • New Fresno places the crew has visited.
  • A celebration for Dorktown's 5th anniversary? Yes or no and if yes, then where.
  • Trent in Phoenix talks Star Wars and Indy rumors plus let's us in on how Fresno is playing in Arizona.
  • Classic Dorktown music with Pinkeye.
  • Lost is limping to the finish.
  • Fonzy ehhyyys.
Click this or listen with the player:

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