Dorktown Podcast Episode #83 - Five Years of Dork

Podcastlogo If you haven't really listened to the Dorktown Podcast before (you've had five years to not get around to it, why start now?) the following episode is not for you. It will likely suck because it quietly marks five years of Dorktown and it's kinda self indulgent. No party like in previous years. It's just a couple of douchebags dudes talking, pretty much.

There is a new game played, music from Trumpet Solo and the Fay Wrays, the first Dorktown guest ever (Aaron from La Selva Beach), two special guests drop by the studio, Deftones at Woodward and (of course) audio problems. Other than that, don't worry about it - catch Dorktown the next time around.

But if you're hardcore dork, listen/download: DorkownEP83.mp3

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