Dorktown Podcast - Episode 84

Dorktown At Dorktown, we try to make the podcast as difficult to listen to as possible so we're left with the "true fan". Either that or we're just a bunch of idiots with beer and some occasionally working microphones.

In this episode, one douchebag's mic is louder than the other (the WHOLE episode) and the opening music overpowers the douchey talk. If you can handle that (and occasional nasty dialog), have a listen to the latest Dorktown:

Download: dorktown84.mp3 [39:32]

Or use the player:

If you listen you can expect: Fresno radio talk, too many Fresno burger options, Bell's old Suzuki Samurai story, Journey talk?, Bells knows no FuSE Fest artists, Central Fresno fighting, Fonzy aayyys.

Music featured: Trumpet Solo. Say Swear.

Show contacts: mike@dorktown.net, bells@dorktown.net

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