Dorktown - Episdoe 87 - Portand Sucks


Historic-Portland-sign-Portland-Oregon_mr Our podcast has finally returned from a long podcast sabbatical (drying out period). It's going to be another classic Dorktown with audio difficulties, no production, beer drinking and Fresno talk.

Like always, this in NOT Safe For Work or monkeys. Pre-listening sorrys for Producer Becky's mic not working throughout, and no production value (no songs, sound effects, opening or closing music) due to a bad computer.

Download this file: dorktownepisode87.mp3 to listen. Or use the player:

Dorktown Podcast #87

Expect to hear some stuff about: Bells in Portland, the Clovis Urban Stupid Exp, Voting In Fresno and prop 19, what a Marinite thinks of Fresno, Fresnans in San Fran and more junk.

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[*Photo cred: David Falconer]