Dorktown Episode 88 - Keg Solo


Our latest episode of Dorktown is a little different and a little drunk. Alright, the drunk part isn't different and it's VERY drunk. The different part is it was recorded during Mikey's birthday/house party with the mighty Trumpet Solo as a live music guest.

What to expect.

  • Mikey talks with Trumpet Solo (Ried May, Pierce May, Nick Napoletano) and gets pumped up for their performance.
  • Trumpet Solo performs their song "Hard Working Economy" with Mikey guesting on rhythm guitar.
  • Bells, Mikey, Josh T, Reid talk some random drunk talk with keg-stands.
  • Trumpet Solo live song break.
  • A finishing keg-stand from the La Selva Beach Connection.

Beware, like always, there is a lot of loud and foul language so... earmuffs.

Download: kegsolodorktown88.mp3

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