Dorktown #104: Merry Christmas - Coach Fu-Manchu To Become Dr. Boz' Unibrow!

Welcome back to another episode of our local (LISTEN LOCAL!) themed podcast: Dorktown. We appreciate the listening, Fresno. This (sorta) Christmas themed episode has some stuff like this:
  • The only way to enjoy Christmas Tree Lane is with secret booze.
  • Producer Becky and Mikey tension.
  • Mikey touches Fierce Creatures' penis.
  • Fresno wind damage.
  • Fresno Sheriff gets $500 for every confirmed kill?
  • Mystery Fresno helicopter.
  • Fresno marathon conflicts with porch drinking.
  • Review of Yardhouse, Fresno.
  • More Christmas lights of Fresno.
  • MUSIC BREAK: Achievement House.
  • A breakdown of Fresno Mag's 'Best Of Fresno'.
  • Fresno State's Coach Fu-Manchu is depressed and is looking for a new job.

To hear that stuff, click and listen to this: Dorktown104.mp3 or:

Dorktown Episode 104 - X-Mas Tree Dorks

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Opening music by Trumpet Solo. Pic by Fresno Bee's Gary Kazjaian.


Dorktown Episode 103 - Pierce Is Metal

Guitarist for Fresno bands Azazel and Trumpet Solo, Pierce May, joins Dorktown for this one. Many things discussed, like:
  • Random Fresno retail news.
  • Deer in NW Fresno.
  • Pierce's Fresno music history.
  • Best clubs in town.
  • The borders of the Tower District.
  • Fresno State Students are clueless.
  • MUSIC: Azazel "Immortal"
  • GAME: Is it metal?
  • Past Fresno concerts.
  • Fonzy Eyyys.

Listen by clicking below:

DorktownEP103Pierce Is Metal.mp3

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Dorktown Episode 102: Sweded Dorks

It's taken years but Dorktown finally got the dynamic duo of Bryan & Roque from Dumbdrum.com and Swedefest.com. Good timing too as their Swed Fest is coming Saturday and their sweded Avengers trailer has been exploding the Internet's nerdy head.

So Bells and Mikey will be talking to them about that, other Fresno/Dumb Drum business and then add a good Star Wars rant to appease the Dork Gods. All within Dorktown Episode 102.

Listen by downloading or clicking the file below:


Music by Trumpet Solo and Rademacher (go buy Babyhawk Vol II).

Make sure to check out Swedefest.com and head out Saturday for Swede Fest 8:


Dorktown Episode 101: It's The Hallloowwweeen Spesooo

Dorktown has always been scary ... but this episode is actually supposed to be. Episode 101 has Bells, Mikey, Producer Becky and special guest, Michael Banti, from Weird Fresno. The group talks about: haunted places in the Fresno area, an EVP by Michael, ghost hunting shows, Fresno UFO and ghost stories. Plus a little big of Dorktown and Fresno business.

You should totally listen or download by clicking the below file:


Length is 1:00. Music by Trumpet Solo and the Sunburns.

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IT'S HERE!: Dorktown Episode 100

!00 dorktownsFinally. Our long, unprofessional, drunk, off-putting, horrible sounding, cuss filled, over six-year long journey has finally got us to Episode 100. Dorktown is a podcast for lovers and haters of Fresno. A podcast for nerds, drunks and jerkoffs - In case you forgot.

During this episode there will be too much talking about Dorktown, attempts at conversations about FUSE Fest, the Fresno Fair, Yardhouse, Fulton Mall and other stuff.

Listen up for the special call-ins by Dorktown Listeners and be ready for the Episode 100 drinking game.

Listen by downloading/clicking below:

Dorktown Episode 100!

Music by Trumpet Solo and Fay Wrays.

Thank you so much for those brave souls that have listened throughout the years. One day we'll do everyone a favor and stop. But until then, Dorktown carries on.



Dorktown Episode 99 - Same Dorks As They Ever Were

You would think a podcast that has been around over six years and have now done 99 shows, would know what the hell they're doing. Not Dorktown. Nope. Still messing up after all these years.

Take a little walk (complete with messed up audio) down Dorktown's historically nerdy and fowl mouthed past with Bells and Mikey. They talk about their favorite moments, play some old audio, listen to FUSE Fest band, Sounds & Sciences and give the ultimate Fonzy Eyyys.

Download or just click the file below:



Dorktown Episode 98 - Or Game Orgy

As our podcast meanders towards its 100th episode, Dorktown is still just as tough to listen to as it ever was. And that's the way we like it (because we have no choice). This episode has:

  • Fresno State's new Field Turf.
  • Soundgarden and San Francisco.
  • A long winded Or Game filled with classic and new questions, all Fresno and Dorktown related.
  • Sol stops by.
  • The Backstabbers are played.
  • F.U.S.E. Fest is pimped.
  • Fonzy Eyys are given.

Dorktown Episode 98 - Or Game Orgy

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Download: Episode98.mp3

[Pic from Fresno State's page]


Dorktown Episode 97 - This Is Not Suitable For Anyone

It's not for everyone ... well, it's really not for anyone. It's NSFA. It's Dorktown Podcast. But, you know, listen anyway. Listen for stuff like this:
  • Trumpet Solo is now on iTunes.
  • Reid calls from Virgina.
  • Thanks to fellow podcasters, DI60Y.
  • A 'live' remote from North Fresno.
  • Disneyland and no Fresno at California Adventure - well, except for the replica Roeding Park restrooms.
  • Fresno County Island Guy.
  • Bubba gets hacked.
  • Tony D gives Dorktown the best review ever.
  • MUSIC BREAK: Rademacher's "They Are Always Into That"
  • Kopi's Hairpiece is now on Twitter.
  • REMOTE: Veni Vidi Vici's
  • Bell's first Dorktown appearence.
  • Fonzy Eyyys.

Listen by clicking this: Dorktown97.mp3 or use the player:

Dorktown Episode 97 - Not Suitable For ANYBODY by thefresnan

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Dorktown #96 - iTunes Hates This Podcast

Bull_logo As our podcast limps to Episode 100, we present 96. It's like one of those episodes that will be quickly forgotten... just like the preceding 95.

  • El Torro Tambien is closed? Bullard Kids are pissed.

  • A large "Or Game" with a TV show theme.

  • MUSIC: Iwanaga - "Mr Boomer"

  • Remembering the original Fresno Tower Records.

  • Who has the Farrell's Drum?!

  • Bells calls it a show.

  • Fonzy Eyyys complete with a iTunes Hater.

Listen by clicking here:

Dorktown 96 - iTunes Hates This

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Dorktown Episode 95 - South Of Shaw no more?

It's the final Dorktown show... from its long time "studio", that is. Bells, Mikey and Producer Becky discuss this and other Dorktown/Fresno related things. Such as:

  • Dorktown is moving and Mikey has North of Shaw guilt.
  • Has anything been happening in Fresno/Madera?
  • Several SF shows to discuss plus Prince, Motley Crue and Poison at Save Mart.
  • MUSIC BREAK: Fay Wrays "She Gave Me A Compass"
  • Big CD release show at Fulton 55 for the Fay Wrays and Dorktown will be there.
  • GAME: Dorktown's version of the "Dating Game"!!

Head's up for any new listeners: this podcast has lots of swearing and other nasty boy things. It don't mean a thing to Janet Jackson but it may mean something to you.

Listen by clicking this file: Dorktown95.mp3 Or this:

Dorktown Episode 95 - South Of Shaw

Opening music by Trumpet Solo.
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Dorktown Episode 94 - Will Be Dead In 60 Years (we hope)

  • Bells may need to take over content control of Dorktown.
  • Trumpet Solo may be ending (the Dorktown Band Jinx lives).
  • A report from Aaron the La Selva Beach Connection is asked which is better? Santa Cruz's the Catalyst or Fresno's Fulton 55.
  • Dorkline Sexline Hotline.
  • Reid suggestions Kopi should be on SNL. Kopi's Hairpiece attempts to respond.
  • MUSIC BREAK: Fierce Creatures "Ships To Shore".
  • A subtle F.U.S.E. Fest announcement.
  • REMOTE: At Fulton 55 with Brad and some of the Dead In 60 Years crew.
  • Fonzy Eyyss.

Listen in by downloading this: Dorktown94.mp3

Or streaming this:


Opening music: Trumpet Solo "Hard Working Economy"

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Dorktown Episdoe 93 - I Don't Talk Golf Course

Welcome. It's another episode of our little profanity laden, Fresno tainted, show. Listen with a friend ... one that won't say "Why are you listening to this crap!?"

Having a beer or two is recommended while listening.

Download: Dorktown93.mp3

Some stuff touched on:

Opening music by Trumpet Solo.
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Dorktown Episode 92 - These Aren't The Dorks You're Looking For

Yardhouse Our locally themed podcast known as Dorktown is back. The latest episode is not safe to listen to with your mother, like always. Knowing that, kick back and listen for stuff like:

  • A way too long Star Wars intro mix.
  • Yardhouse coming to Fresno.
  • Dorktownline call-ins!!
  • 'Live' remotes from Wasabii's, Fulton 55 and Livingstones.
  • Rogue Festival time.
  • Bells has special Fresnan privileges.
  • SLO venues.
  • Music break:
  • Bells likes Fulton 55.
  • Best Bells Fresno character rant ... ever.
  • Fonzy Eyyys out to Fresno's podcast scene and stuff.

Click and listen: dorktown92.mp3

Dorktown Episode 92 - These Aren't The Droids



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Dorktown Episode 91

New Dorktown is up and ready for listening. Like usual, it can get uncomfortable in places - That's What She Said. Listen up for things like:
  • Bullard Knights: new uni's and a new school district?
  • Does having a storage unit in North Fresno count as having a North Fresno address?
  • Chris Colfer does a little Clovis bashing.
  • Does Buffalo Wild Wings pace drinking?
  • Greenhouse, Swiggs, BB's and Fresno Karoque.
  • Will anyone care about a Dorktown 6th Anniversary Party.
  • 'Live' report from Fulton 55 with Joshua Tehee.
  • Music break: It'll Grow Back "I Got Mine".
  • NEW CALL IN LINE!! "DORKLINE" (559) 492-0542 - anytime, day or night, drunk or sober.
  • Join Dorktown at Fulton 55 for Mo-Fo Party, Saturday.
  • Social D at Rainbow Ballroom.
  • Portlandia should be spawning a Freslandia.
  • Fresno Wiffleball League interest?
  • Fonzy Eyysss: Tioga Brewing, Disneyland Fairy Princess... area?, KYNO baseball.
  • Bells on Twitter?

Download or play: Dorktown91.mp3 [42:07]

Dorktown - Episode 91

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Dorktown Episode 90 - Now With Ninjas

It's about damn time for another Fresno inspired episode of our own podcast: Dorktown.

Episode 90's audio is a little rough to get through for the first few minutes but it settles down - give it shot. Like always, it's not safe for your mom's ears. Here are some highlights to listen for:

  • Clovis folks randomly give out buttdrags.
  • Come to Clovis: We're Going To Shoot Someone Today.
  • Fresno house tagging.
  • Wolf Lakes wedding stories.
  • Report your graffiti.
  • Buffalo Wild Wings opens in Fresno.
  • Tearing down Taco Bells.
  • Retail dumpings.
  • Music break: I Do Not Exist.
  • Fulton 55 opens.
  • Bells recommends some Fresno Armenian restaurants.
  • Dorktown will never be on Sirius.
  • Tony D of KYNO is a fan of Bells.
  • Fonzy Eyyyss.

Dorktown Podcast Episode 90 - Ninjas recorded this

Listen to player above or download: DorktownEpisode90.mp3

Side note: If you're looking for a new drinking game, down a drink everytime Bells says "ninjas".

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Dorktown Episode 89 - Walmart Dick Swinging

Our Fresno inspired podcast has returned with a fresh - yet still fowl - episode for 2011. Bells, Mikey and Producer Becky hang out and talk about stuff like:
  • Claim Jumper and Red Robin close.
  • Nothing happens in North Clovis.
  • "The Morning After" off to a slow start.
  • Dorktown's Facebook is embarrassing.
  • Walmart's shaking their dicks at Fresno.
  • The La Selva Beach Connection is MIA.
  • Music break with Fresno's Lezayr.
  • Bubba's Gizzard calls in to Dorktown.
  • Fresno needs more 24 Hour pharmacies.
  • Bells has a new Or Game.
  • Fonzy Eyyys.
  • Being on Sportsline sparks indifference from Bells and Producer Becky.

Warning: the show is unsafe for children up to 24-years-old and unsuitable for everyone.

Download: dorktown89.mp3


Dorktown Episode 89 - Walmart Dick Swinging

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