Dorktown Episode 90 - Now With Ninjas

It's about damn time for another Fresno inspired episode of our own podcast: Dorktown.

Episode 90's audio is a little rough to get through for the first few minutes but it settles down - give it shot. Like always, it's not safe for your mom's ears. Here are some highlights to listen for:

  • Clovis folks randomly give out buttdrags.
  • Come to Clovis: We're Going To Shoot Someone Today.
  • Fresno house tagging.
  • Wolf Lakes wedding stories.
  • Report your graffiti.
  • Buffalo Wild Wings opens in Fresno.
  • Tearing down Taco Bells.
  • Retail dumpings.
  • Music break: I Do Not Exist.
  • Fulton 55 opens.
  • Bells recommends some Fresno Armenian restaurants.
  • Dorktown will never be on Sirius.
  • Tony D of KYNO is a fan of Bells.
  • Fonzy Eyyyss.

Dorktown Podcast Episode 90 - Ninjas recorded this

Listen to player above or download: DorktownEpisode90.mp3

Side note: If you're looking for a new drinking game, down a drink everytime Bells says "ninjas".

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Dorktown Episode 89 - Walmart Dick Swinging

Our Fresno inspired podcast has returned with a fresh - yet still fowl - episode for 2011. Bells, Mikey and Producer Becky hang out and talk about stuff like:
  • Claim Jumper and Red Robin close.
  • Nothing happens in North Clovis.
  • "The Morning After" off to a slow start.
  • Dorktown's Facebook is embarrassing.
  • Walmart's shaking their dicks at Fresno.
  • The La Selva Beach Connection is MIA.
  • Music break with Fresno's Lezayr.
  • Bubba's Gizzard calls in to Dorktown.
  • Fresno needs more 24 Hour pharmacies.
  • Bells has a new Or Game.
  • Fonzy Eyyys.
  • Being on Sportsline sparks indifference from Bells and Producer Becky.

Warning: the show is unsafe for children up to 24-years-old and unsuitable for everyone.

Download: dorktown89.mp3


Dorktown Episode 89 - Walmart Dick Swinging

*Opening music by Trumpet Solo. Contact the show: mike@dorktown.net or bells@dorktown.net

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