Dorktown Episode 91

New Dorktown is up and ready for listening. Like usual, it can get uncomfortable in places - That's What She Said. Listen up for things like:
  • Bullard Knights: new uni's and a new school district?
  • Does having a storage unit in North Fresno count as having a North Fresno address?
  • Chris Colfer does a little Clovis bashing.
  • Does Buffalo Wild Wings pace drinking?
  • Greenhouse, Swiggs, BB's and Fresno Karoque.
  • Will anyone care about a Dorktown 6th Anniversary Party.
  • 'Live' report from Fulton 55 with Joshua Tehee.
  • Music break: It'll Grow Back "I Got Mine".
  • NEW CALL IN LINE!! "DORKLINE" (559) 492-0542 - anytime, day or night, drunk or sober.
  • Join Dorktown at Fulton 55 for Mo-Fo Party, Saturday.
  • Social D at Rainbow Ballroom.
  • Portlandia should be spawning a Freslandia.
  • Fresno Wiffleball League interest?
  • Fonzy Eyysss: Tioga Brewing, Disneyland Fairy Princess... area?, KYNO baseball.
  • Bells on Twitter?

Download or play: Dorktown91.mp3 [42:07]

Dorktown - Episode 91

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