Dorktown Episode 92 - These Aren't The Dorks You're Looking For

Yardhouse Our locally themed podcast known as Dorktown is back. The latest episode is not safe to listen to with your mother, like always. Knowing that, kick back and listen for stuff like:

  • A way too long Star Wars intro mix.
  • Yardhouse coming to Fresno.
  • Dorktownline call-ins!!
  • 'Live' remotes from Wasabii's, Fulton 55 and Livingstones.
  • Rogue Festival time.
  • Bells has special Fresnan privileges.
  • SLO venues.
  • Music break:
  • Bells likes Fulton 55.
  • Best Bells Fresno character rant ... ever.
  • Fonzy Eyyys out to Fresno's podcast scene and stuff.

Click and listen: dorktown92.mp3

Dorktown Episode 92 - These Aren't The Droids



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