IT'S HERE!: Dorktown Episode 100

!00 dorktownsFinally. Our long, unprofessional, drunk, off-putting, horrible sounding, cuss filled, over six-year long journey has finally got us to Episode 100. Dorktown is a podcast for lovers and haters of Fresno. A podcast for nerds, drunks and jerkoffs - In case you forgot.

During this episode there will be too much talking about Dorktown, attempts at conversations about FUSE Fest, the Fresno Fair, Yardhouse, Fulton Mall and other stuff.

Listen up for the special call-ins by Dorktown Listeners and be ready for the Episode 100 drinking game.

Listen by downloading/clicking below:

Dorktown Episode 100!

Music by Trumpet Solo and Fay Wrays.

Thank you so much for those brave souls that have listened throughout the years. One day we'll do everyone a favor and stop. But until then, Dorktown carries on.


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