Dorktown #104: Merry Christmas - Coach Fu-Manchu To Become Dr. Boz' Unibrow!

Welcome back to another episode of our local (LISTEN LOCAL!) themed podcast: Dorktown. We appreciate the listening, Fresno. This (sorta) Christmas themed episode has some stuff like this:
  • The only way to enjoy Christmas Tree Lane is with secret booze.
  • Producer Becky and Mikey tension.
  • Mikey touches Fierce Creatures' penis.
  • Fresno wind damage.
  • Fresno Sheriff gets $500 for every confirmed kill?
  • Mystery Fresno helicopter.
  • Fresno marathon conflicts with porch drinking.
  • Review of Yardhouse, Fresno.
  • More Christmas lights of Fresno.
  • MUSIC BREAK: Achievement House.
  • A breakdown of Fresno Mag's 'Best Of Fresno'.
  • Fresno State's Coach Fu-Manchu is depressed and is looking for a new job.

To hear that stuff, click and listen to this: Dorktown104.mp3 or:

Dorktown Episode 104 - X-Mas Tree Dorks

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Opening music by Trumpet Solo. Pic by Fresno Bee's Gary Kazjaian.