Dorktown Episode #106 - Dorktown Blues

Welcome to you, Fresnan reader. It's time again for another Dorktown Podcast. Bells, Producer Becky and Mikey hang out, drink, cuss, talk about Fresno and what's going on in their tiny world. Here is a sample of what you'll... hear:

  • Why would anybody leave Fresno for beer?
  • Inspired by Mike Oz's column, Dorktown tries to figure out if its a good Fresnan.
  • Manchester Steakhouse is your home now.
  • MUSIC BREAK: Motel Drive "Drifter Blues"
  • There's another podcast to deal with.
  • A drunk call from Phoenix must be dealt with.
  • Trent & Mikey get nerdy with some Greedo talk.

Listen play clicking the grey thingy below:


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