The Brothers Rude - Dorktown #109

Experimental. That's what Dorktown is. This particular episode at least. Max and Johnny Rude of Fresno cover band "Mr. RuUUde" guest host this one (Mikey and Bells were busy at a fuckhead convention). Listen for things like:

  • Producer Becky questions why she sits through this.
  • Johnny and Max Rude go through the Dorktown and Mr. Rude "mailbag".
  • MUSIC BREAK: Fay Wrays "Cars".
  • A special Mr. RuUUde OR GAME.
  • Scream Off.
  • The Tesla HeEEyyys.

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Damn Dirty Dorks - Dorktown 108

On the heels of the Pliny The 'Tounger' Tour show, it's Episode 108 with guest Chris "Dirty" Dowdy of Dirty Dowdy Podcast and Internet radio. The crew talk to Dowdy about many things, some of them include:

  • The guys attempt to give Dowdy relationship advice.
  • Manchester Gate kids are overrated.
  • Mexican whorehouse stories.
  • Sign twirlers should be used to promote Dirty Dowdy Radio.
  • New Rock 104.1 and Motel Drive stories.
  • A Van Halen review and a Ozmosis review.
  • Dowdy tries to woo Bells and Producer Becky away from Mikey.
  • Is there a Dirty Dowdy vs. Dead In 60 Years rivalry?
  • There's a new local website out: Gotta Love Fresno.

Listen by clicking or downloading this: DirtyDorksDorktown108.mp3

Episode info:
Dorktown theme music by Reid May.
Music break by Motel Drive "Plastic Dashboard Jesus" - find them on iTunes and CD Baby.
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HEY BANDS! If you're a Central Valley musician (whatever kind of music) and a have mp3, Dirty Dowdy wants them. He has started a Internet Radio station that plays and promotes local music. Email him your mp3s and he'll put them on the air: chris@dirtydowdy.com


Pliny The Younger Tour - Dorktown #107

Road trip time for Dorktown as Mikey and Bells tour the 99, 580 and 101 as they head up to Santa Rosa. Why would somebody leave Fresno to visit Santa Rosa? Beer. Pliny The Younger at Russian River Brewery, to be more specific.

Along the way there's talk of: Clovis, fog, first Fresno jobs, Bullard & Palm, Casa Corona, Pliny The Younger, beer-ride wait times, drinking, puking, Santa Rosa, sponsorship and Fonzy Eyyys.

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