Brother Luke and the Dorks - Dorktown #111

Hey Dorktown listeners, long and interesting one with local musician Luke Freeman from Brother Luke and the Comrades. The Dorktown crew gets to drink some beer and hang out with Luke and talk about a buncha cool junk. Stuff like:

  • Bubba is not gay and grants wishes.
  • Does home-schooling produce assholes? Nope.
  • Mikey was bullied... let's all cry about it.
  • Bells went to Fresno High?
  • The beginnings of Luke's music life.
  • Weeknight shows can be rough.
  • Grilled cheese sandwiches in Clovis.
  • MUSIC BREAK: Brother Luke plays live!
  • What is Baja Sauce?
  • Dorktown gets sad.
  • Portland.
  • ValleyWho and Mike Oz.
  • The lowdown on Luke's VVV's residency.
  • FCC and Master.

There's a healthy amount of swearing so look out.

Click the file below to listen!:
BrotherLukeDorktown111.mp3 [1:18]

Make sure to look in on Luke playing with special guest musicians at Veni Vidi Vici's, Monday nights all through April!

Dorktown is also available on iTunes. Go like Dorktown's Face. Email the show: mike@dorktown.net.

[Picture of Luke stolen from local stud, Ryan C. Jones]


Reid said...

Great show, the performances sounded especially nice (thanks in part, I guess, to Mic-Master Luke).
Nerv was a cool band. I saw them in some church near Fresno State, and in some back yard in the Ashlan/Van Ness area.
By the way, Mikey does a great Luke impression.

the fresnan said...

Thanks for the comments, Reid. Luke was truly digging the Dorktown Theme.

the fresnan said...

By the way, Reid, I am still looking for a review of the show the Rude Brothers guest hosted - I need your opinion... Was it metal?

Reid said...

Yeah, it was funny. It seems like so long ago. I always think to myself after listening to new shows, "I should call in to the Dorkline." Then I tell myself I'll do it later, and I never do.
So from what I remember, it was metal. Lot's of screaming. That's metal.