Drunk Town - Dorktown #113

Dorktown is back to hang out, drink some beer with you and maybe trade a Fresno drinking story or two. Listen for stuff like:
  • Another Chewbacca and the Rhythm Wookiees shout out.
  • It's Dove nesting season in Fresno.
  • Beer Dork segment: Mikey was a late beer drinker, Bells was an early scotch drinker, Fig Orchard parties and what not.
  • Music break: The Dirty Stomp.
  • Podcasts rule.
  • A beer themed "Or Game"!
  • Why would Bells go to the Hunger Games?
  • Fonzy Eyyys.
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Mutants and Invisible Art Hops - Dorktown #112

A fresh episode of Dorktown is here to start your new week off. It's maybe more local talk and cussing than you could want or need but it's free so suck it up. Seriously though, thanks for listening and tell your cool friends. They'll hear stuff like:

  • New WWE tag team: Dork Town.
  • Low budget marketing with $1 shamrocks.
  • The best time to go to Art Hop is when you're invisible.
  • Mutants in Millerton Lake.
  • New Fresno bars.
  • Pagers ruled.
  • NEW!: Dorktown News.
  • MUSIC BREAK: Achievement House "Summer Spirit"
  • Audie's is still the best.
  • REMOTE: Tokyo Garden "Is It Metal"?

Listen by clicking the file below:
Dorktown112.mp3 [37:14]

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