The Fresnan Is Dead - Dorktown #123

Podcasting is as hard as 1-2-3. Especially when you drink a lot of General Sherman IPA. Listen in as Bells, Mikey and Producer Becky talk about stuff. Rundown:
  • A rough and drunk opening. 
  • We try to call a party in Arizona with the help of a drunk La Selva Beach Connection. 
  • Clovisfest. 
  • Drunk Dork reveals.
  • Running into a Clovisian in Sandpoint, ID.
  • Best steak in town is at a pizza joint?
  • MUSIC BREAK: Art By Numbers "Delusions Of Grandeur".
  • Mikey retires The Fresnan. He's a quiter. 
  • REMOTE: FUSE Fest 2012 w' DI60Y.
  • Sexy off!
  • ADVICE FROM A (too drunk) FRESNAN.
  • FONZY EYYS: Go vote for Formalde-Heidi for Visalia Zombie Ball Creepshow Queen.
Listen by downloading or clicking: Dorktown123.mp3

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