It's A Dork Quake!! Dorktown #125

This may be the first earthquake captured live on a podcast, yes? Who knew recording at Midnight could yield such things. Yes, a earthquake happens during this podcast...not quite as dramatic as it sounds...but still, it happened.

Also there's the normal drinking of craft beer from Tioga Sequoia. Bells doing funny stuff. An "Or Game". Support of indie podcasting. A music break by the Old Tire Swingers. A terrible Halloween costume from Young Bells and more.

Download or stream: DorkquakeDtown#125.mp3
[55:58, 51.2MB]

Please go out and have a nice craft beer from our Fresno Friends at Tioga Sequoia!

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Landing Strip Dorks - Dorktown #124

Dorktown #124 is here and less drunk (which doesn't necessarily mean its sober). You can listen for these things and more!:
  • Mikey may need to look into AA. 
  • Fresno closings and future drinking possibilities in The No.
  • Indie podcasts are friendly to Dorktown (or pretend to be anyway).
  • Crap stories...yep.
  • Dorktown Hotline calls.
  • More indie podcast loving.
  • Music Break: Strange Vine "Sleepwalker" 
  • Or Game and ForItOrAgainit? are played (Listen for swinging penis!)
  • Fonzy Eyys.
  • Live call-in from a woman's "Landing Strip".
Click the file to listen: DorktownLandingStrips124.mp3

Please go out and have a nice craft beer from our friends at Tioga Sequoia!

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Dorktown's Top Podcasts From September, 2012

What are the top podcasts Dorktown listened to and enjoyed during September 2012? Well the indie podcasts are becoming stronger and stronger and more interesting. Not a lot of change to this month's mainstream list. Let's have a look at them both.

In mainstream, the continuing storyline of "Emo Kev" gave Smodcast a big boost this month. But Ear Candy was able to hold it off as they are trying some new formatting and beginning to post two shows a week. WTF has fallen into a bit of a rut at the moment, it'll be interesting to see if it comes back on continues to slide.

  1. Ear Candy 
  2. Smodcast
  3. Todd Glass
  4. Professor Blastoff
  5. Nerdist
  6. Mohr Stories
  7. WTF - With Marc Maron
  8. ESPN Fantasy Underground
  9. You Made It Weird
  10. The Session
Others receiving votes: The Duncan Trussell Family Hour, Metal Comedy Midgets.

In indie, keeping the #1 spot is a show about taking a crap...yep. But Firnecast is still knocking at the door. And look out for Tiny Odd Conversations as they were featured in iTunes "New and Noteworthy" which launched them into the Top 30 of comedy podcasts on iTunes. Crazy stuff. We may have to put them on the Mainstream List if this keeps up.

  1. When Doodie Calls
  2. Firnecast
  3. Growler Radio
  4. NHL Hitz 2013
  5. Tiny Odd Conversations
  6. Podcheese.
  7. Hangin' Out-cast
  8. The Married Gamers
  9. The Half Scoop
  10. Pool Party Radio
Others receiving votes: Dead In 60 Years, Pool Party Radio, Beer Download, Mostly Harmless With Dammit Damian, Small Town Bringdown, Brothers From Different Mothers, Drunkards Call, Unkempt w' Mike and Matt, Succotash.

This feature is here to support the podcast scene, let other folks know about it, give it some more juice. It will be back at the beginning of each month (roughly) with a new Top Ten. Please feel free to leave a comment and suggest some other cool podcasts to listen to - yes, even if it's yours.