Fu-Manchus and P-Holes: Dorktown 148

Dorks return from Summer Break with a Fu-Manchu and a Werebear. Please enjoy!

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Star Wars VII - Dork Summit 2

Star Wars nerds convene again to discuss the latest Star Wars news. Like: what they believe will happen in Episode VII, JJ Abrams, general rumors, what the one-offs will be and much more Star Wars dorkness.

*Heads up to Dorktown Podcast fans: This is not a normal Dorktown episode but is still just and dorky.

The Jedi Nerd Council for this Dork Summit are: Bryan Harley (Jedi Squirrels, Dumb Drum, Swede Fest), Lefty Brown (The Married Gamers) and Mikey (Dorktown, Perfect Pour, Flowing With Famous).

Click to listen: StarWarsDorkSummit2.mp3

*Song by Neskimos. Mix by Mikey.