We Slice This Shiz Right In Front Of You - Dorktown Podcast 153

We scramble-f'ed everyone's dork heads.
Empty condoms.
There are no more video stores.
We all need a cool donut shop.
MUSIC BREAK: Rademacher "Herndon & 99".
Truck Lizards.
The greatest podcast promo ever done.
Armenian beer: Kickstart this.
Fonzy Eyyees.
AFTERSHOW: Ice Cube show coming to Fresno. Where's Dan?

Click to listen: DorktownPodcast153.mp3

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BACKFEED - Episode 1: Eff Buzzfeed

We call this experiment: Backfeed. It's not a Dorktown. It's something to fill the time until there is a new Dorktown. It's something we did maybe seven years ago.

We started another audio feed called "Backfeed" where we post deleted or lost clips from Dorktown episodes, just for the hell of it. Why not and shit? Then we got lazy AND felt nobody gave a shit, so we stopped.

Well we are reviving it since we were not able to put up a Dorktown on schedule. On this "Buzzfeed", we filled in with some new stuff between Mikey and Producer Becky, mixed in with some "off-air" recordings from the episodes that featured the Light Thieves and one that had Kaleb.

Hope this isn't too annoying. Maybe check it out: BackfeedEP1.mp3