Get Off Your Google Bike, Dork! [Dorktown Podcast #205]


Have you heard of Google's bikes? Well Producer Becky had an encounter with them and things happened. Good times. A listener submits an Or Game. Standing at rock shows gets debated. Becky gets a call about her past and we recount a show from The Cure and we somehow bring up Eric Roberts.

PLUS! Mikey has a real exchange with Gary Vee. 

Listen: DorktownCure.mp3


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What Are You Prepared To Do? Dorktown Podcast #204

Everybody loves talking like Sean Connery. So this episode we talk like Sean Connery. We pick out the top Connery character lines and let Bells do his best Scottish voice.
There also just might be a call from somebody that will cause quite a BOONDOGGLE. Plus an unexpected tribute to an old actor we miss.
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