The Episode That Should Not Be: Dorktown #211


There's a long-running question among podcasters: Is it better to post an episode that sucks but is still released on time, OR  is it better to post nothing at all and hope the next try will be better?
We chose to post.
This is an example of what happens when you record really late and then go through an hour long sound malfunction. People start to bail. Somebody bails in this episode, and rightfully so.
And when the outline of the show (that wasn't the greatest to start with) relies on said people that are no longer there, you're in trouble. Podcasting can be rough sometimes.
So here it is. In all, it's uncomfortable glory. Complete with a music break from Save Us From The Archon. Episode 211 of Dorktown:
Click: DorktownPodcast211.mp3
 17.5 | 38:15 | Language
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