Where Is My TV Guide and Tom Cruise?: Dorktown Podcast #214

Check this episode of Dorktown for a classic "Or Game" with TV Guides and Peter Gabriel vs. Phil Collins PLUS a "Is It Metal" game mixed in, complete with shoplifting stories AND the best theory ever on why Tom Cruise is still the Church Of Scientology! Plus Playgirl wonderings and a special caller.
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 21MB || 46:05 || Fowl Language (lots)
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EHot Buzz said...

Almost everything in Hollywood is at least slightly ironic, and decidedly modern or post modern in sensibility. Outright racism or misogyny is now rare in Hollywood. Hollywood is basically far more socially conscious. Bollywood is almost entirely about money, much more so than Hollywood. Often mob money. One highly visible motif is the highly problematic rise of "item numbers."

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