It's Bell's Birthday: Dorktown 220

It's Bell's Birthday!! We sing. We drink beer. We Or Game. We dork out about notebooks.  We report on the hot podcast. We get drunk. We do the things.
Oh and Bells has some exclusive Star Wars Land in Disneyland info!!
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Is It Cool If I Bring My Boom Box In Here?: Dorktown #219

Welcome back to America's longest running hang-out show! We go through a few things...
Bells used to go into local restaurants with his boom box blaring... because Bells. We play an Eddie Murphy OR GAME. We talk about the hottest show in podcasting. We personal brand. We drink beer. We have a music break from Mike Seay (no not THAT Mike Seay). We try to make you feel old with some [now old] music hits. We have an update on Bell's cell phone and MORE DORK!
Click to listen: DorktownPodcast219.mp3
31.2 || 1:08:21 || Fowl Language
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